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    FARMTRAC is a leader in Agri-mechanization from last 60 years. We manufacture and sell tractors in FIVE categories i.e COMPACT, UTILITY NARROW, HIGH HORSE POWER & HERITAGE & ELECTRIC VECHICLE RANGE.

    The Farmtrac range of tractors are renowned for ruggedness, reliability, durability and cost-effectiveness. Manufactured in locations across Europe and Asia. The new tractor range has been designed in collaboration with leaders like Porsche Design and Ferrari.

    Powered by proven, world class engines and transmissions, Escorts tractors offer high performance, durability and higher lifting capacity for any kind of operations ranging from agriculture to industrial. Our heritage of partnering with governments gives us the skills to create an umbrella of services for the farmer.

    We specialize in providing end-to-end CROP SOLUTIONS starting from soil testing, agricultural mechanization, irrigation solutions, threshing harvesting up to post harvesting and packaging. The products are designed, produced, tried and tested for all soil and weather conditions. And they continue to nurture the progress of farmers in 70 Countries across the globe.


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