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    Compact Electric

    "At Farmtrac, we’re committed to technological innovations and building smarter and more efficient technology. Farmtrac Tractors today offers farm solutions for farmer demands across all price points and technology applications, globally.”

    Farmtrac has always believed in redefining the tractor market and delivered, time and again. Now, we innovate to give you a greener world without taking too much of green from you.

    Our Electric Tractors are made for sustainable farming practices with the assurance of zero noise and zero emissions. Tailor-made for orchard and vineyard farming, and powered with a 19 kW induction motor, a lithium-ion battery and 26 HP electric motor plus, it can be charged through any domestic source with minimal maintenance requirements. All of these factors coexisting together to form a suitable ecosystem to encourage and realise sustainable farming practices.

    The electric tractor concept show has been developed in house by the company and the company is confident that its electric tractor will reduce the farmer's operating costs by over 50%. Just like a smartphone, you can plug in your 26E when you get home and have it fully charges and ready for the next morning.

    Our EV range of tractors are successfully running in the European & American continent and are helping people towards developing a sustainable way of farming and working.

    “Escorts is on a transformational journey of developing new products for global markets and offer quality products with specifications that would be competitive and attractive to buyers.”

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